Friday, September 21, 2007

My DOTnet is almost done!!!

Well I thought that I was going to be able to do the whole site in flash but heck no! Too much work, I barely have time to edit my videos and I do want to be able to do decent editing. I know you might be asking yourself "what the heck I'm doing a website for?!?!" Well, it will be about NOTHING! If you end up not liking my videos you can always move on to the next site and choose not to come back, so please don't start leaving offensive comments in my site, it's my site and I'll do whatever I want with it, there, thank you :) I'll have TONS of videos, from informative videos to silly short-short movies of irrelevant situations. I mean, I have friends all over the place and I am sure they might want to see me in action specially those I have left in Panama, family and all my dear friends. And of course, those that have met me before will definetely love to see my videos just because they know me, okay I am babbling now lol! You might also be asking "why am I saying "English is my second language"? BECAUSE IT IS! A lot of people may feel annoyed by my grammar errors and pretty heavy accent but ask me if I care?!?! lol!!!! Besides, English is my second language... do you speak or write other languages, because if you don't then please don't judge!!! I do my best, okay....

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