Thursday, August 27, 2009

$3 meal - From Scratch, mostly organic.

In my previous blog I talked about getting to eat healthy foods, reading labels, organic, etc... Well I have decided to post the recipe of today's dinner! I did the math, and this meal including a healthy organic leafy salad comes out just under $3 per meal (including leftovers for tomorrow daddy's lunch). Honestly I buy in bulk, is a great way to save money. I've also joined an organic co-op where I get my produce at a discount price. A huge box of baby spinach normally cost $7-8 at the supermarket, well I get it for $4.60 each box. I believe Costco and BJ's has something similar and it is ORGANIC.

I made some primavera spaghetti with whole grain pasta and organic produce.

Here are the ingredients:
1 box of spaghetti
1/2 of small sweet onions
1/2 of red peppers
1/2 bag of organic baby carrots
1/2 box of organic grape tomatoes
oregano to taste
sea salt to taste
olive oil

Follow the instructions from the spaghetti box and set aside. Cut up veggies (don't cut the carrots), place in a large baking sheet, drizzle a little olive oil, salt and oregano. Bake at 400 degrees F for about 30 minutes. When veggies are done, add them to the spaghetti and mix. Voila!

For the salad, simple add baby spinach, one (thin sliced) cucumber, and one thin sliced (cut each slice in four) tomato. Add a few cherries or cranberries for a tangy flavor to it. Make a homemade onion-vinaigrette and you are all set! You can omit the salad and it will come out less than $2 per meal. See? Fresh and Delicious! :)

Do you think they approved?

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