Thursday, January 31, 2008

12 years ago... Beautiful Memories: Carnavales Relámpago 1995!

The most important ritual in Panama is El Carnaval. The capital closes down the five days before Ash Wednesday, and a young queen is chosen! 12 years ago, I WAS THAT QUEEN! I can only remember these days with joy and passion... Before The Carnival Festivities we visited many poor communities and brought food, music, dancing, hugs and so much happiness to their residents. I can remember crying from joy because we put a smile to the little kids wearing no shoes. I only know the feeling and the impact it created in me, my soul was totally transformed with their spirits and I became a better person. The way the people received me in their homes gave me a different view I had about life and I realized that I was living a world full of materialism around cold hearts! NO ONE can take away these memories!!! Since then, I have grown so quickly mentally and physically and see the world differently... I wish everyone could experience what I did, the world would be so different...

Happy Fiestas del Rey Momo mi PANAMA! I MISS YOU SO MUCH....

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