Friday, May 2, 2008

To CD or NOT to CD, that is the question...

CD as Cloth Diapering!

I have been asked many times why on earth I am going to CD my baby... Well, first, this would not be my first time CDing, I did it with my two girls the only difference is that I only did it at home. This time I am preparing myself to do it full time!

You will then ask... why I am going to fill myself with piles of laundry from CDing?!? Well if I am already doing the laundry why would I be worry to add one more load or two a week? Cloth Diapers are a natural way of diapering a baby! I just don't want my baby to rub against some rough plastic or paper and most likely chemicals!

Yep, CHEMICALS! Disposable Diapers are manufactured with a super absorbent chemical called sodium polyacrylate that absorbs and holds fluids in the diaper. Have you seen or felt a gel-like type of texture in a disposable diaper? This chemical has been linked to toxic shock syndrome, to cause allergic reactions. Dioxin, the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a byproduct of bleaching paper. Even in the smallest detectable quantities, dioxin has been known to cause liver disease, immune system suppression, and genetic damage in lab animals. Dyes found in some disposables are known to damage the central nervous system, kidneys, and liver. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) received reports that fragrances caused headaches, dizziness, and rashes.

A baby (YOUR baby) spends about 25,000 hours on a diaper and needs about 6,000 diapers changes in the first years of life! So now that you know how many hours a baby will spend on a diaper and how many changes needs... Why don't you consider CLOTH DIAPERS? I did :)

As most of you know, I am always considering the alternative, because I think we are meant to live in a more natural way... It is hard to live a natural life on the very modern world of today, you may think. It is NOT! You just need to accept who you are and go from there...

I have always been an advocate of a healthy environment, and of course, disposables are not environmental friendly at all! Disposable diapers are NOT readily biodegradable! Therefore... they fill up our landfills with untreated body excrement, carrying over 100 intestinal viruses contaminating our groundwater and attracting insects that carry and transmit diseases.

Cloth Diapers might be too expensive? Wrong! You actually SAVE thousands of dollars by using Cloth Diapers! The initial cost arrange from $200 to $300 which will take you for the first year or so. Disposables will cost you around $2200 during the same time period.

Cloth Diapers are too messy! Wrong again! They are somewhat more hygienic than disposables. You won't fill up your trash can (or your friend's) with some stinky diapers, you can easily get a Mini Shower Spray and rinse the spoiled diaper right in your bathroom then throw them on a pail with a lid. What I normally do, is to fill the pail with water and a few drops of essential oil. I prefer lavender or peppermint, hmmmm! :) For outings, I would just throw them on a simple zip lock bag or a wet bag (although I prefer a wet bag to minimize consumption!), which they are now available on all kinds of gorgeous colors and designs!!! ;)

Remember something... They are NOT your grandmother's diapers! The modern cloth diapers are more efficient and better constructed than the ones made many years ago... You can find all kind of cloth nappies, colors and designs. In addition, the baby would look so cute with them... How can you resist?!?!

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