Monday, July 7, 2008

Still waiting and pretty round...

I have been very very bad with this... not so chatty lately I guess! I been on and off the computer, my parents are here visiting from Panama and I am still pregnant :) I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! Except for a stupid rash I got that lasted a little over 2 weeks, and THANK GOODNESS I was able to manage it with a miracle soap called Grandpa's Tar Soap then applying Gold Bond Medicated lotion over it. It was a God sent! I was showering with cold water twice a day with the soap, then I would apply the lotion to avoid dryness and the menthol effect was just refreshing and so much needed! Well, the rash is gone and now I am enjoying myself once again! woohoo! (phewwwwwww). In a couple of days, I'll be 37 weeks pregnant. The baby moves so much, he is extremely rough with mommy but I love every single bit of it ;)

Just about 2-3 weeks ago, we went to Orlando, visited Universal and Island of Adventure parks. It wasn't such a great trip but I did enjoy a bit, except the stupid rash (lol). It rained e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y in the afternoons, ugh! But at least we were able to enjoy 5 days of the 2 parks without the rush, crowd and hotness of the summer, the rain helped a lot. The walking also helped me to bring baby down a bit, you can probably see my belly 'facing' down in this picture.

I got the 'Baby Area' in our room ready for the baby, yay! :) I am very excited to start breastfeeding all over again and to co-sleep with the new baby. Co-sleeping has done many great things in our family. It's a great way to keep our family attached and to nurture a strong connection between us. I believe that every newborn or baby should be sleeping in the same bedroom as the parents, specially the mother. We love our 'Family Bed' and we will love to keep it that way until our kids decide on their own to sleep in their own beds. Read a little about Nighttime Parenting in this website. We have been practicing Attachment Parenting for many years now (pretty much since my second daughter was born) and the connection that we have built in our family is extremely rewarding. Our kids are amazingly well behaved and they do the impossible to pleased us and make us happy, or viceversa. AP is a parenting style where ALL family members treat each other with respect and kindness, regardless the age. Check out their website for more info.

The girls are so happy to be receiving the new baby and they have promised me to help me with everything including changing diapers! lol! I can't hardly wait to see THAT! But everyday, they both kiss my belly and tell me how much they love their baby brother, so sweet.

Here is a funny cartoon I wanted to share, I found it somewhere in the internet some time now but I saved it in my computer because I thought it was so cute and just reminded me of our own family! heehee!

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