Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Orgasmic Birth - Natural Birth

"The same hormones that are present during childbirth occur in all other episodes of women’s sexual lives, including lovemaking and orgasm. These hormones, when allowed to flow naturally and without disturbance, help reduce the pain of labor." OrgasmicBirth.com

This is exactly how I want 'my' birth! :)

Don't let anybody tell you, you cannot give birth naturally... It is a myth about having a small pelvis, or not been able to dilate, or because having a c-section previously you cannot give birth naturally... Natural Birth is possible in all ways! I am (as my mother and sister) a woman who doesn't easily dilate but sure needs a little help. I started taking Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) to get some things moving. EPO acts as a prostaglandin, which ripens or softens the cervix. This will help the baby to deeply engage in the pelvis. A lot of women that have gone through cesarean birth before, have been able to give birth vaginally and naturally (with no medical intervation) by taking this oil orally and vaginally. Most women are suggested to take it after their 36-37 weeks of gestation and it is completely safe for the mother AND the baby.

Since I want to give birth naturally at home, I have chosen to have an Orgasmic Birth. I want to be able to enjoy this birth (my last birth, sniff!) the way nature intented, without medical intervention, without the worries that are caused by a cold hospital room and people wearing scrubs! For God sakes - I am NOT SICK, I am just HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!! We should all stop thinking of birth as a disease or an emergency... It's just giving BIRTH!

I have also decided to stop thinking about giving birth, let the time go, enjoy my pregnancy (well hellooooo, I will NOT be pregnant forever!!!!) and let nature decide when the baby is ready to be born. I have been induced (twice) in my previous pregnancies and that is not the way we are supposed to do it. We are not the ones who decide when the baby will be born, the baby is the one who decides when he/she is ready to come to the world... As nature intended.

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