Friday, July 25, 2008

39 weeks and still preggo...

I am still okay with it though :) For some reason it doesn't bother me to be pregnant at 39 weeks gestation like I was with my other two. I am actually enjoying being pregnant this time around!!! I love all things I can get away with lol! Lately I have been asked so many questions as when the baby will be born, some of them even assume that I am due any day now, which is true, but ya know... It is just too funny! Today I had a nice prenatal massage and a chiro adjustment, BOY that felt so DARN GOOD! I needed it! My sleeping patterns have been okay lately, thanks to the sangria I been drinking before going to sleep but I better sleep as much as I can NOW before the baby enters to the world because I know there will be a lot of sleepless nights pretty soon...

I have all my birthing supplies ready to go and I am very excited about that. My birthing pool is ready to be inflated right in my dining room (no, I am not putting it on the dinning table!). My Midwife is letting me use their Made in Water Birthing Pool and I am so thrilled of how this pool is made.

I am just hoping the baby will hold until July 28 which is Monday. Sabrina is getting baptized this coming Sunday (July 27) and I am also celebrating Serena's birthday that day right after Sabrina's christening. Fun... NOT! CHAOTIC!!!! I am forgetting to mention that I am attending a party this Friday, lovely! :)

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