Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My 39 wk checkup!

I haven't been so chatty on facebook lately but I guess is because I am trying to avoid questions like: Have you had your baby yet? Well I haven't had the baby yet, but I got pretty good news about what's going on with me down there :-P Today I went to visit my midwife and I am 2 cm. dilated and cervix is anterior! woohoo! I still need the little help of the Evening Primrose Oil, chiro adjustments, acupressure and pelvic tilts which I been doing religiously. Well today I am starting pelvic rocks exercises which is the only thing I haven't done. Last night I got some pretty painful contractions but they were bearable! I have my birthpool set up, birthing supplies and I am just waiting this baby to come out. In the meantime I am enjoying every single day of my life. On Sunday, we celebrated Sabrina's Christening and Serena's 6th Birthday with a day at the pool and some good friends. It was a good thing to keep myself busy and moving, but oh so glad it's all over!

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