Sunday, August 17, 2008

Roberto Carlos second week

He is doing wonderful and growing like weeds! :) Breastfeeding is going great and I have to brag about how well breastfeeding is always a great experience for me. Every time I get pregnant I look forward to breastfeeding... It's a unique relationship no one can take away from me or my child... My husband can't do it, nor my mom, no one but ME! Serena was breastfed only throughout her first 9 months of life, Sabrina was breastfed throughout her first 2 years of life! I am planning to breastfeed Robertico a little longer than 2 years, it just seems right to breastfeed! Human Milk for Human Babies ;)

I was going through my baby pictures (my daughter's) and found the picture of Newborn Sabrina and OMG realized that she and her brother look so much alike! Check this out:

Roberto Carlos

Ella Sabrina (as a newborn)
I haven't been able to do much internet lately but I do want to keep updating my blog with pictures of our new addition. I wish I had more time during the day but today we spent the whole day watching TV and (Roberto Carlos) sleeping in my chest... Can't get better than that! ;)

Here are a couple of pics I took for fun and because - did I say I am in love?

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