Monday, November 3, 2008

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Well I decided to revamp my blog to something more girly and not so emo anymore! lol The black was getting a little boring... Now that I am back into crafts I decided to honor it through the designs of my blogs.

I took the cutest picture of my kids the other day, wow! I can't believe I have 3 kids... and I am loving every second of it. Roberto Carlos is growing so fast and he is getting pretty heavy. Gotta love momma's milk ;) He is feeding about every 30 to 45 minutes and is exhausting! But I see how healthy and strong he is getting, and the bonding time we spend together is priceless. His sisters are loving their little brother and they only want to spend their time kissing him and hugging him. It's just precious.

I've been busy with my new website and I've made the promise to blog a little more.

Our Halloween was really fun and we didn't even Trick or Treat at all! Who needs all that sugar rush? Serena went as The Little Mermaid, Sabrina as a Fairy Princess, Hubby as a Marine and the baby as a puppy! hmmm, well, not really... I just had him wearing a hat with doggie ears lol

Here is Sabrina's complete costume:

Guess who made it? :) Click here to read about it and a little tutorial I wrote for the wings.

It's been a whole week since my mom left to Panama. I miss her so much. She came to help out from Panama and stayed for 5 months so no wonder I am feeling blue :( Sometimes things like this need to happen to appreciate the work of the mother and empathize with them. I feel so close to my mom now that I am an adult and a mother myself, even though we live so far from each other... it's tough!

I love you Mom...

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