Friday, December 5, 2008

Intactivists Unite!

Immediately move towards ending Routine Infant Circumcision. Support equal rights for boys, girls and intersexed individuals on the subject of bodily integrity, and promote respect for intact genitals. Our society should not condone harmful and medically unnecessary surgery being performed upon infants. Circumcision is painful, cruel, unnecessary, and removes a basic right to choose over the individual´s own body. It is a practice that should end.

Require state Medicaid and other programs stop paying for it to remain eligible for federal funds (as this single measure will see circumcision rates drop importantly), and support laws which protect the genital integrity of boys.

This is an important moment for Intactivists and our fight against infant circumcision.

England stopped routinely circumcising after World War II. They were in horrible economic times and were starting a new universal health care system. This new system cut all that was not needed, including circumcision. Today the UK does not routinely circumcise their infants.

America is in a similar moment. We are in tough economic times, with the possibility of a new health care system on the horizon. Not only that but we have a new administration with an open ear, waiting for our ideas.

This is a link on, talking about the health care transition team. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO. It is a video talking to all the people who will be very much involved in making the decisions about Obama's new health care system. (such as, should circumcision be covered). You also can get an idea of how you can get involved, and help form the decisions they will make.

Here is the link where you can submit your ideas about health care.

(there is also suppose to be a place where people can talk to each other about our ideas, at least that's what one woman in the video said, but I have not been able to find that yet)

Also PLEASE keep using, the more we organize, the more impact we will have on the issue of circumcision in relation to health care, and as a human rights issue in general.

Millions of dollars can be saved for life saving procedures if we can make it so circumcisions are removed from any/all health care plans.

Thank you SO much to those that have already voted, keep spreading the word!!!!

Enith Hernandez
NOCIRC of Florida - Broward

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