Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When it's the right time?

Wow, it's been a while since last time I blogged. The Holidays are just too crazy for me and it's hard to keep it all together, specially having the kids for 2 weeks and trying to keep them entertained. It was so hard to even get them the toys 'Santa' wanted them to have, we had to be REALLY creative lol So how do you do it? I literally spent about 3 hours at Toys R Us trying to keep my daughters busy while my husband sneaked out to the cashier and get them their new bikes (Thanks Mom and Sister for the sponsorship!) and some video games. Yeah, I know... we broke down and got my oldest a Nintendo DS that she really wanted. My youngest got the new V-smile cyber pocket learning system and some cartridges for it (They already got the TV learning system which I highly recommend - they received it last year for Christmas so they already got a few cartridges and it works with both systems). But that's about it. I still need to do a lot of sewing, since I told them that Santa dropped off some wool felt to make the horses they wanted LOL I wonder when is the appropriate time for them to know that Santa doesn't really exist. I feel horrible sometimes, just because I feel like I am lying to them but at the same time, I remember that believing in Santa was a beautiful part of my every year Holiday that I cherished and I miss so much.

Anyways, since we didn't really spent any money on the bikes just the games, the money we spent wasn't so bad at all. In fact, this year was the one year that we spent the less and I am so glad about it! I cannot wait until I finish their handmade horses though, and the felt food that that I promised... now I just need to find the time to make them ;)

Santa went to visit Aunt's Hilda too...

My husband's sister gave them the helmets, movies, books and a game each for their systems.

I am really happy that we didn't received a lot of plastic toys this year, they only got 1 each? NOT BAD! At least I was able to pick great bikes without a 'special' brand like Barbie or Dora! *rolling eyes*

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