Saturday, March 28, 2009

US has a huge obsession with circumcision!

And I agree to that! UK News just released an article responding to the US propaganda running around about circumcision a method to 'prevent' HIV or other STD's.

I mean seriously? Do people really think that by performing a circumcision they will be protected against these infections? NO rational or intelligent person would think this is effective.

So yay! let's circumcise all males and let them sleep around without a condom, besides, they are protected through circumcision! (sure......)

A few quotes from the article...

"It suggests that it is women who infect innocent men - let's protect the innocent men."

"And it allows men who don't want to change their irresponsible behaviour to continue to sleep around and not even use a condom."

Exactly right! I really wonder if people really believe this circumcision baloney!

Mind you, don't forget that according to doctors circumcision prevents or cures the following: masturbation, nocturnal emissions(wet dreams), syphilis, epilepsy, bedwetting, rape, curvature of the spine, bladder infections, clubfoot, neuralgia, crossed eyes, blindness, deafness, dumbness, urinary and rectal incontinence, tuberculosis, penile cancer, prostate cancer, venereal disease, tongue cancer, nervousness, and the new ones STD's and HIV! For those who doubt, google History of Circumcision or better yet, watch this informative slideshow:


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