Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School Day!

A new school year started today and the girls couldn't be happier! It is very nice to see my girls motivated to go to school as I am fortunate to have them in the same school Robert works. My initial plans were to homeschool my kids but after many debates with my husband (the educator) I gave in and we decided to place them in the same school he works and I cannot tell you how happy I am for that decision. This time around, Robert, you were right! ugh! LOL ;-)

I woke up early to find the biggest challenge: Their long hair! I refuse to cut my daughters hair and I rather spend 45 minutes between them two by making braids and get their hair looking all pretty than chopping it off. I just think long hair in little girls give them the opportunity to be more lady-like specially during these growing years of learning and finding out who they really are as a person, as an individual.

The sun was amazing and the girls were giggling throughout the whole ride to school. It is Sabrina's first year in Annunciation School and Serena's 2nd grade! WOW, where did the time go? :(

I know... Serena is not even supposed to be in that booster seat, neither Sabrina! The correct car seats are usually in Robert's car but he needed to get there early so we couldn't transfer the seats. It is a MUST to have Sabrina riding in a 5 point harness car seat and normally Serena rides on that red w/back booster seat. After that accident 3 years ago, we must take any possible precaution - Safety first! (can't you see the baby in the mirror looking at his sisters? - too sweet)

We enter Serena's class and there was a good amount of kids already sitting down and parents coming in and out, greeting other parents and the teacher and her assistant. Serena got a seat right in front of the board (good!) and she was just excited to finally meet her classmates once again after a long hot summer!

We said goodbye with a kiss, to drop off Sabrina's at the Pre-K classroom!

She met new friends and was able to interact right away without any problems. What a proud mama I am! :-)

What was for lunch? Spring Water, 12 Grain Bread Chic-n-cheese Sandwich with a cheese stick and grapes for dessert. No left overs!

What a beautiful day in Annunciation School!

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