Monday, August 17, 2009


So I finally finished the video in response of the radio interview I had a few days ago regarding a guy who was horrified by a breastfeeding woman! This guy happened to be the host who also brought up the subject on his show and defending himself why he was against it. He called her "crazy" and "rude" through Twitter because she was not breastfeeding in "private" as if breastfeeding is a sexual act?

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Smokerette on August 18, 2009 at 4:58 AM said...

Wow, just wow. Those two have *huge* wake-up call when they have to experience breastfeeding first hand. We'll see how long Tim's misses carries on breastfeeding with such an open-minded, supportive husband. We'll see how Cassie gets on trying to manage a blanket, support the head and body of a floppy newborn, and guide a milky breast into the babe's mouth. Yeah, not enough hands for that. When they try to make the point that we wear shirts in this culture (of course men get special privilages) it doesn't make any sense. Yes, we as a culture are more conservative than some, but should our babies miss out because of this. Should our babies suffer and be put at risk of diabetes, rotten teeth, cancer, bowl and digestive problems, etc; because we wear shirts and are conservative in the west. Um... right... that logic doesn't hold up. Then Tim says 'if my wife was breastfeeding I wouldn't want her breast out for everyone to see' or words to that effect. Weeellll, what is he going to do? Excersize his manly right to *tell* her to cover up and go to the back? How could he let his wife do what he considers shameful anyway? There are only three words I can say in regards to Tim: What a twat!

And when Cassie says 'we understand sometimes you can't find a dressing room... we like that bathrooms now have mother and baby areas' that is still telling mothers that what they are doing is so shameful that they need to use a *special* room to hide away. Fuck the baby rooms. If I was a fan of the Dodgers, was sat enjoying the game, why should I be made to leave and miss the game? Cassies, I will never look for a dressing room or special room to hide away.

I have experienced being segregated several times due to my nursing. How much would I have loved to carry on and chat with my husband and our friends at the pub? How much would I have loved to sit out in the living room with the rest of my family and visit my Grandmother who I had not seen in a year? I couldn't, because apparently I was doing something shameful. It seriously depresses me and makes me feel as if I'm lower down on the scale than all these people who can stay out here amongst each other. It's funny that on that day, I went back to the bedroom for half an hour/45 mins to feed my son, then was allowed to bottle feed my cousin's baby right in front of everyone. Sometimes, for a flash of a second, it makes me question my decision to breastfeed, but then I remember the ninety odd bajillion reasons we *should* breastfeed.

Cassie and Tim, if you are still on air by the time you have children, I hope to god you do a make-up show to let us know how you got on with breastfeeding in general as well as out and about in OMG TEH PUBLIC.

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