Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just about a year ago...

I gave birth to a beautiful human being... at home!

I can only describe the joy I felt just about a year ago when my son was born. I have always dreamt about having a boy - I had his name picked out since I learned that I was pregnant the first time, but obviously, she was a girl. Then of course, my second was also a girl so I gave up the idea of having a boy since I was not really planning on having anymore kids. We were really happy to have a nice family of four. My girls made me feel complete, they are my special pride!

Then I got pregnant again... with a boy!
I never imagined that I was going to birth at home, it was pretty bizarre to hear that many women were giving birth in their homes -- with a midwife! And you know what? I will never trade it for anything in the world!

What was I thinking before? Why didn't I try this with my girls? I was alive throughout my labor and delivery. I was able to experience a real birth without pain medications, without feeling numb! I did it - and I am so proud to tell it to the world... That I feel empowered by this amazing experience - to have given birth naturally to my precious boy! :-)

Where did the time go?

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