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Rights of the Child

If you rather avoid controversial blogs, please stop reading and get out of here! (lol) Seriously!

One of my Facebook friends created a video regarding Human Rights (Part 1) (Part 2) and she pointed out really good arguments about rights of a human. I really wonder if we forget that a boy or a girl will always grow into an adult with same rights - do we or not? Unfortunately, we all forget Children have rights.

She said, paraphrasing: "It is a crime to cut a man. If you walk up to a man and cut him, you've done something wrong. Consensual cutting is out of the evaluation. Except: Life saving in the event of an emergency if the man is incapable of consent. By saving his life you are securing his right (right to live). Let's change the statement: It is a crime to cut a baby, though we are obligated to act in case of an emergency."

Is Infant Circumcision an emergency? NO.

Many parents feel the need to do this surgery to their freshly (healthy) newborn boy because they 'believe' is cleaner and will prevent disease. Have they seriously research it? Do they believe that all boys are born with a birth defect? I have heard many parents saying they have researched it and they still decided to do it. What I don't understand is the reasons why they ended up doing it.

What about if we respect our sons rights and let him decide what to do with his own body when he grows into an adult? Besides, we still need to teach them how to wipe their butts, how to clean their ears or hands, or brush their teeth. Why do we need to amputate part of their genitals to make them cleaner or (the most bizarre statement) to look like them? Why is it that we need to modify their genitals to match daddy's when they could be different in other parts of their bodies?

Something (not) funny I've also heard, is that it looks better. Seriously? Why are you performing cosmetic surgery on your son? So if I ever wanted to modify my daughter's ears to look 'better' I could just go ahead and get her cosmetic surgery in her ears? NO.

There are certain things that circumcision prevents, which are so minimal - unfortunately, the chances of getting a botch circumcision is higher than preventing (if) ANY disease. Though, remember, amputating ANY part of the body will prevent them to have an infection of that specific part that was amputated. For example, if we remove breast buds of little girls may prevent them to suffer breast cancer, or removing the prostate will prevent prostate cancer, and so on... We cannot be removing parts of our children's bodies to prevent disease!

Circumcision is an outdated practice. We now have access to fresh water, we have a huge variety of soaps and bathing products - why do we keep amputating part of our sons penises to make them cleaner? Besides, an infant foreskin is naturally fused to glans preventing bacteria, feces or ammonia in urine to enter the urethra and will not be fully retractable until after puberty. The retraction mechanism (which is a sexual mechanism) works just like the hymen in little girls. NO ONE should retract the foreskin of the boy (except the boy himself) to clean up inside. Just wipe like a finger and you are good to go! How simple is that?

Photo of my intact son days afer being born
who is now a year old healthy and whole!

I do have to admit that I have seen a lot of parents that are regretting their sons circumcisions and I do applaud that. I admire those that have come to the realization that circumcision is harmful for our society. How do we expect to respect the rights of the men if we have violated his right soon after birth? Should we blame society for having such a shallow mind about the foreskins of our baby boys? One of the reasons I cannot blame the parents that have already circumcised their babies, specially when they admit their regret and wish they could do better the next time, or they will tell people to stop circumcising their baby boys. Though I must say that I loose respect for those that do circumcise their sons despite all the information that have been given to them and they do it because they feel pressured by society and their family members to cut their sons. What about their sons wishes? What about HIM? Doesn't HE count? Besides, it's HIS penis.

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