Monday, August 3, 2009

My "World Breastfeeding Week" Blog

Some of you may know that we are celebrating The World Breastfeeding Week from August 1st through 7th. How are you celebrating WBW? Are you supporting other mamas that breastfeed their children and educating others about the benefits of breastfeeding? or Are you helping other mothers to breastfeed their children or advocating that breastfeeding in public is normal? Normalizing Breastfeeding in Public is very important for many of us 'Lactivists' (though we do this year round), because we are living in a society where 'Breastfeeding in Public' is a taboo and still not fully accepted by many people and looked as 'obscene' sometimes. In reality, breasts are meant for BREASTfeeding a child. That's why we make milk. Nothing else. Period. We need to get our message out: "Breastfeeding is Normal" - "Breastfeeding is Natural" - "Breastfeeding is Best for our Babies". If we change our mentality regarding breastfeeding more women in this world will breastfeed more and longer. Our children will grow healthier and will grow into loving adults thanks to the "hormone of love" (Oxytocin) that is passed through the breastmilk. Please, take pictures of yourself breastfeeding your child and post it in your blog! We need to normalize Breastfeeding!

This is me breastfeeding my almost year old baby boy :-)
Breastfeeding is Love!

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