Thursday, January 10, 2008

11 years are a lot of years

Well today it's my 11th. year Wedding Anniversary and we are celebrating by going to my favorite Japanese Restaurant - Nami. It's our tradition to go there almost every year. They cook your food right at your table! Of course, my favorite dishes are the sushi and rolls but sure they cook some great steak and got some fine sake.

It's amazing how many years Robert and I been together, but I have to tell you: Marriage it's not easy! Last year was one of the most difficult year of our lives, between personal issues and financial, a marriage can easily vanish from one day to another and we are seeing many couples (in this century) getting divorced and probably without working out the problems and misunderstandings a little longer. Marriage is not only about been with someone that you may think is compatible with you, but also a commitment. I am so thankful with God, that has given me the patience and the strenght I have to be able to accept myself and others (including my partner) the way God brought them to the world; understanding is very crucial in a relationship. After committing to understand your partner, something really important comes after that: Forgiveness! If you don't forgive or ask for forgiveness, then you are not understanding the meaning of Marriage. If you look at Marriage as a Spiritual Union, all these: Understanding, Patience, Forgiveness; are extremely important to achieve a succesful marriage. But don't get me wrong, there is no such a thing as happily ever after! There will always be ups and downs in every single relationship and that's when a couple that have been married come in union and surpass all the obstacles: TOGETHER!

Our marriage hasn't been 100% pretty or colorful but we have done so many great and beautiful things together and that brings us together even more. This year, we are doing a lot of healing and reconciliation, and hopefully more surprises will come to us. Hmmm probably there is one already but I won't tell until my next blog... probably... :)

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