Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who needs an iPhone now...? huh! huh!?

Apple recently released a new software upgrade for the iPod Touch and now, I am so much happier than ever! The new applications included in the new software are Notes, Weather, Stocks and Google Maps! WHO NEEDS AN IPHONE NOW! This beautiful gadget now beats any PDA or Palm Pilot in the world! The most amazing thing is that pretty much everywhere I go here in Florida there is a beautiful Hotspot waiting to be grabbed by my iPod Touch!

This is the most beautiful piece of technology that have been made and I am so proud to have one! If you haven't bought one yet, I definitely encourage you to do so :)

The great thing of all, is that I have an unlimited $50 plan on my Motorola cellphone and I don't have to be interrupted with calls while I watch a movie, writing a note or browsing the net for FREE! So... Who needs an iPhone now?!?!!?!?

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