Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beginning Ballet at 33

I was always drawn to Classical Ballet, and I mean to be a Ballet dancer myself. Last Fall, I decided to enroll my daughter to Pre-Ballet classes because it was something that I have always wanted to do and I knew that Serena will enjoy so much because it is just what girly girls want to do! :) I took her to a trial class the first time to see if she likes it and sure she did! The next week she started her first ballet lesson on a real Ballet studio, not just one of those cutesy dance studios for girls or kids, I mean, a real Center for Performing Arts! That's when I saw one of the adult classes, that are been taught for people with no ballet knowledge whatsoever or probably just a little. I noticed some of the students were over 50 years old and that gave me a little bit of inspiration -- so guess what? I decided to enroll myself to that class! *grin*

Ballet is darn hard!!! But it's beautiful... I have no desire to become a professional ballerina but there are many reasons for me to enjoy these classes: The fitness, the posture that gives you, the class and culture, it helps you to relax and it's great for concentration exercises, it's just a beautiful activity that my daughter enjoys to see me doing -- with her! After my 3rd class I felt I was finally 'getting it', with all the ballet 'lingo' you can actually go nutsy but with time and practice you can definitely get the hang of it.

I am starting another semester this year and looking forward to learn more, it's never too late for anything. Heck, if you are healthy and feeling great you can do any physical activity and that includes BALLET! :)

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Latinalonestar on December 8, 2008 at 2:42 AM said...

I used to be a professional ballet dancer. :D

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