Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Robert Carlos is born... @ home!!!!!

August 4th. at 5:35 am. I lost a big chunk of my mucous plug and started filling up the pool at 5:50 am. Our midwife arrived at 6:50 and performed a prenatal check up. I was only dilated 3 cm. (one more from where I started). She left and advised to keep on with my daily routine. I decided to go into the pool to ease some of the discomfort, then went back to bed at 9:30 am, woke up to find more bloody strips in the toilet. Drank some red raspberry leaf tea and napped for an hour. Got up to fix some breakfast for myself and decided to go to the chiropractic to get an adjustment and pick up my weekly organic produce from my coop. At 2 pm came back home, took a shower after a short nap (5:13 pm), ate some turkey soup my mom made for labor and birth, watched a little TV while contractions getting stronger (8 pm)...

I decided to jump into the pool at 9:30 am, by midnight the contractions were getting 3 mins. apart and we decided to call Adriana (our midwife). By 3:30 am, Adriana checked my cervix and I was only 6-7 cm. dilated! I was suffering! Tired and dosing off between contractions so I asked her to be transferred to the bed so I can rest between each contraction. An hour later I told Adriana that I really needed to push, at this point I was screaming with the top of my lungs and moaning like never before, calling God and all the Angels on Earth and Heavens!!!!!!!!! She told me to go ahead and do what I wanted to do, so I pushed and the bag of waters exploded! I felt a mild relief since it was putting so much pressure in my crotch, I started to push even more because that's all I felt doing! I waited for another contraction and decided to leave it alone and thought that probably my uterus will push the baby on it's own but then realized that I really wanted to push again in the next one, just to get it over with!!!!! So I pushed, and pushed (I yelled many times: IT'S BURNING!!!!!) and pushed 3 more times and Roberto Carlos was born!!!!!! (5 am)

He came out SLEEPING!!!!!! He was such a lazy beautiful boy... I delivered my placenta half an hour later... As soon as the mw cleaned him up, we put him at the breast and he breastfed for so long that I wasn't even able to time it, but he did each breast twice - back and forth! He is a little piggy!

I thought I was going to pass out or give up, it hurt yes, but it was SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weight: 8.5 lbs.
Height: 22 inch. long
Apgar Score: 10/10
Time: 5 am @ Home!!!!!!!

2 proofreaders making corrections!!!:

Susana on September 29, 2008 at 2:12 AM said...


Yeah!! Congrats on your HOME birth! It sounds like it was powerful, but you conquered it!

Your baby is gorgeous! Just like mama and sisters. Well, probably alot like daddy, too!

Take care and enjoy this ever so special time!

Praise God,

enithhernandez on October 17, 2008 at 12:47 AM said...

Susana!!! omg I didn't know you posted a comment sorry for taking this long!!!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I loved every single bit of it now I want to have more like it lol!!!! He keeps me busy but we are doing great, bfing a lot and he is growing so fast! I promise to post soon... xoxox

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